Becici Peak, Enchanting Beauty Bantul

FASTER86.COM - Becici peak, enchanting beauty bantul - When we hear the name of Bantul, then you know is Parangtritis beach, pottery and other crafts. You're wrong, Bantul has a variety of other attractions that are not less at the peak or Peak Bogor another Great Peak in Indonesia

Becici Hill, is the name of the Peak in Bantul is located in Bantul Yogyakarta Mangunan Dlingo, southeast of the city of Yogyakarta. This peak presents a variety of natural beauty jogja city and certainly this will create the atmosphere of a holiday you are more beautiful

This Becici peak is one of the attractions that are growing, with a lovely place, coupled with views of Yogyakarta city, the more you will be enchanted will make Jogja.

Mileage Peak Becici about 30 minutes from downtown jogja, and the atmosphere of your trip will taste delicious and very pleasant, it is because of the atmosphere of a beautiful village in the region of Bantul, Bantul make an impression as a cultured city and agricultural city was strong once.

Well what Becici peak beauty in Mangunan dlingo Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia, here are some images that may explain the Peak Becici

This is the atmosphere during the afternoon at the summit which is so beautiful and charming, in the afternoon when we could see the sunset on the western horizon. Becici evening atmosphere at the top of this will make us more comfortable and more quiet the mind

When the afternoon anyway, we can eliminate the atmosphere in our hearts, the body becomes fresher for activities in the next day, of course accompanied by a glass of hot tea at the top Becici Bantul.

It is another corner of the Peak Becici, where the scenery is perfect Jogja we can enjoy here. At this peak, the whole view Yogyakarta city will look beautiful, scenic town jogja seen perfectly and this makes it very crowded Becici peak during holidays arrive.

Besides the view, another thing that makes Puncak Becici is very appropriate to visit with the family atmosphere and the air is fairly cool make this place worthy of being a contemporary tourist destinations in Indonesia

Becici peak is one of the heritage place worth your visit if you traveled in Yogyakarta, in addition to Malioboro, Kraton Yogyakarta, Kaliurang, Parangtritis beach. Becici peak will give the impression of depth, and of course it will be good for your mental stability. Enjoy peak Becici in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

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